Stratford Behind the Scenes cover

Stratford Behind the Scenes

(2012, Stratford Festival)

Photography by Erin Samuell

Stratford Behind the Scenes explores the process of building a season, from choosing the playbill to set construction to performance. Filled with interviews, observations and breathtaking full-colour photography, this new coffee-table book will lead readers on a fascinating journey into corners of the Festival seldom seen by members of the public.


Insight and On Site: The Architecture of Diamond and Schmitt

(2008, Douglas & McIntyre)

By Donald Schmitt, Jack Diamond
With Don Gillmor

Over the past 30 years Diamond and Schmitt Architects, one of the world's leading architecture firms, has produced a portfolio that reflects their core belief in the importance of content and context in architecture. Buildings should live in their environments, not be set apart. Part manifesto, part architectural monograph, this book addresses today's most important architectural issues at a critical point in the future of the urban form.

Insight and On Site cover

Canada: A People’s History Volumes 1 & 2

(2000, 2001, McClelland & Stewart)

How can we know where we’re going if we don’t know where we are coming from? This question applies as much to nations as it does to travellers, and it rings especially loudly in the ears of Canadians. Canada: A People’s History doesn’t tell us where we are going, but it shows us where we have come from.

Winner of the Libris Award, Non-Fiction Book of the Year

The Desire of Every Living Thing: A Memoir

(2000, Vintage Canada)

A Best Book of 1999, The Globe and Mail

“This book reminds us why stories matter, why recording them, whether as fiction or as personal narratives, is important in recovering the past to illuminate the present … It is a testament, a revealing account of the making of Canada.”

—The Globe and Mail